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My Life, My Pace
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The patient is a 20-something-year-old woman with a 20+ year history of schooling, beginning when she was 5 years old. The patient is enrolled in an MD/PhD program and is currently in the process of completing the PhD portion of the program. Having finished all of her graduate coursework, she is currently in the research phase of graduate school, which seems to have stalled due to complications with her major professor as well as with her experiments. She expresses frustration at the mention of her major professor, who seems to be a major source of annoyance in her life. Her frustrations started after she passed Step 1 of the medical boards and began her graduate work in the lab. At first, she was glad to be in the much more relaxed environment of graduate school, but her frustration mounted as her major professor put her to work doing meaningless tasks for him because he was too lazy to do them himself. Not only did he refuse to help her develop a thesis project, but he kept her so busy with his stuff that she had no time to develop her project on her own. In addition, he refused to consider any of her ideas—as long as they did not agree with his views, she was wrong even though his ideas were oftentimes completely illogical. This pattern continued until the present day, with her only having begun on her thesis work in January 2006 only to have the experiments fail miserably. Meanwhile, her major professor continues to make her do his work for him while he surfs sports news all day. She denies being lazy. She also denies any procrastination or overreaction. She has no prior history of such frustrations or of being stuck in a rut.
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URL : http://www.mylifemypace.com
A Storied Life by Sonia Brock
    ( 346 visits since 2006-11-23 )
These autobiographical Podcasts are for family, friends and perfect strangers. I have lived a very varied life from southern Ontario to Alberta bush country, from Detroit to New York City's Lower East Side. These are my stories. They are both short and entertaining.
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URL : http://www.soniabrock.com
Barry Michaels | Radio is My Life!
    ( 210 visits since 2006-11-23 )
American Radio Personality,Barry Michaels, Michaels In The Morning,shares a humorous behind the scenes look at his ongoing broadcast career and pays tribute to those who entertained and inspired him.With photo and audio collection.
[ 75 votes, rating : 4/10 ]
URL : http://www.thebarrymichaels.com
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My Life As A Contact Sheet.
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URL : http://www.furcafe.com
Life Bio
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Writing an autobiography, writing autobiography, writing my life story, writing family history, creative memories, writing your life story.
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URL : http://www.lifebio.com
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